Restorative Justice

7:40 PM to 8:45 PM on Jul 13, 2019 by Anne Pattel-Gray

Restorative Justice is a cultural practice of Aboriginal people in Australia when dealing with injustices, wrong doing and matters of disputes. Dr. Anne Pattel-Gray will provide a theological exploration of what Restorative Justice means in an Australian context considering the Uluru Statement.

The conflict between the Invaders and Aboriginal Australia is centuries old and continues still today and it won’t be resolved until the process of Restorative Justice is fully embraced by both parties. 

About Anne Pattel-Gray

Anne Pattel-Gray


Dr. Anne Pattel-Gray is an Aboriginal woman who is a descendant of the Bidjara/ Kari Kari people in Queensland and she is a recognised Aboriginal leader within Australia – nationally and international...