Matthew Fox - On Being Deeply Human in a Time of Earth-Crisis and Apocalyptic Warnings

Matthew Fox

7:45 PM Jul 12, 2019

A time of apocalypse, a time that feels like “the end times,” is a potential time for genuine breakthroughs, for maturing and coming of age, for becoming therefore more fully human. After all the word for “apocalypse” can mean “revelation.” The new creation story from science can awaken our sense of revelation. 

Maybe the realities we face today, stark as they are, have arrived to provoke our capacity for deeper revelations, deeper unveilings, of who we are as a species and as individuals, for example our capacity to relate to the whole again. Another example is this: Why is it that all the world spiritual traditions speak so regularly of Compassion? Are the Buddha, Jesus, Isaiah, Mohammad, Black Elk and others all trying to get us to wake up to our capacity for Compassion? How do we go about that today as individuals and as communities? 

Is a period of Apocalypse therefore also a period of unleashing our capacity for cosmology, ecology and compassion and in the process revealing a deeper dimension of our common humanity? How would we know we are on the right track? What are the deepest obstacles to this happening such as fear and denial and despair and how can we confront them?

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