Thea Ormerod

Thea is a Catholic Christian, a semi-retired social worker, grandmother and an advocate for action to curb global warming. She has long been involved in a range of social justice issues, mainly concerning global poverty. For the last eleven years Thea has been involved in the multi-faith climate action organisation, the Australian Religious Response to Climate Change (ARRCC, pronounced “ark”) and is currently the President. 

ARRCC’s mission is twofold, (1) to promote ethical, environmentally sustainable, healthy and contented lifestyles which respect the Earth’s precious natural resources, (2) to advocate, from a faith perspective, for public policies which contribute to climate justice. See

Previous to this, Thea’s activism focussed on campaigns for the cancellation of developing country debt (Jubilee 2000), trade justice (Australian Fair Trade and Investment Network) and more poverty-focussed aid for developing countries (Micah Challenge). 

Thea Ormerod

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