Heather Price

Heather has been writing, composing and arranging music for 20 years in both sacred and secular settings. Her music is used within churches around the world thanks to her contribution to music aimed at the "Messy Church" movement and her intergenerational compositions with progressive Christian language and themes. 

Hailing from Newcastle, Heather grew up attending Adamstown Uniting Church, a progressive and innovative church that instilled in her a strong connection between faith, creativity and the world around us.

The daughter of Opera singer, Jennifer Barnes, and jazz musician, Rod Barnes, Heather was surrounded by music from birth.

An accomplished and experienced musician, Heather has completed a Bachelor of Music; travelled nationally and internationally, singing and performing with contemporary act “The Good”; has performed on Double Bass with orchestras such as Australian Opera and Ballet Orchestra, Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and Orchestra Victoria; and has published her songs for use in churches around the globe.

Heather’s passions are faith through creativity, the use of singing and music to create community and identity and giving modern language to sacred practises and creeds to help to make them more accessible to a progressive faith.

Heather’s current published works include “I Am Loved” (collection of songs for young and developing faith), “Carols In The Sun” (Australian Christmas Carol Collection) and a new set of “Congregational Songs” for use in Intergenerational settings. Heather travelled to the International Messy Church Conference in England in 2016 to launch her successful “I Am Loved” album that is used internationally within Messy Churches.

Heather is currently “Musician in Residence” at Adamstown Uniting Church and leads worship each week for a progressive congregation of all ages.

Heather will lead a session of singing Progressive Voices: Songs for Hope & New Life.

Heather Price

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