Of Old Trees, Stardust, and Moments of Wonder: A Short Introduction to Religious Naturalism

2:10 PM on Jul 13, 2019 by

The capacity of the natural world to inspire a religious response from humans has long been recognised—even before the new level of stunning cinematographic visualisations of it as in David Attenborough’s The Blue Planet 1 & 2 and before that, Carl Sagan’s Cosmos. Thus, there is no good reason to believe that taking nature to heart leaves a person with any fewer spiritual benefits than taking to heart the teachings of supernaturalist traditions.

This elective will cover such areas as: 

  • What is Religious Naturalism; 
  • Some characteristics of Religious Naturalism; 
  • Who is a Religious Naturalist? 
  • At-Homeness in Nature; 
  • Religious Naturalism and progressive Christianity.
  • Horizontal transcendence. Natural not supernatural. 

All with a backdrop of over 185 ’nature’ visuals/photos.

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Rex Hunt


Rex A E Hunt is a religious naturalist, progressive liturgist, and social ecologist. A retired Uniting Church minister, he was the founding Chair of Common Dreams Conference of Religious Progressives....