ARRCC and eco-spirituality in action

11:10 AM to 12:10 PM on Jul 13, 2019 by Thea Ormerod

ARRCC draws on the rich soil of theology and spirituality, and bears fruit in the form of faith-inspired practical grassroots action. Our experience is that such action in turn, nourishes us spiritually. 

We would like to showcase some of the work of ARRCC volunteers in the last two years, and also engage workshop participants in reflection on what forms action could take in their own contexts. There are two current campaigns on which we will invite some reflection. (1) Climate-friendly living through the global Living the Change initiative. 

Through this initiative, people of faith are encouraged to live in ways that respect the earth’s planetary limits. Living the Change acknowledges that lifestyle change is not easy, and information is only part of what is needed. ARRCC offers inspiring examples, and peer support for people willing to make commitments to change. Workshop participants will be encouraged to talk about ways they are already mindful of caring for the earth, and to consider one or more further steps to reduce their carbon footprint in the areas of energy, food or transport. 

Campaigning to prevent new coal mines from opening up in the Galilee Basin. ARRCC’s work has involved social media, meditation vigils, letter-writing, formal submissions, public demonstrations, letters for sign-on, blockading and a meeting with the Adani leadership team. Group participants will be invited to consider what opportunities they themselves could take up, to help prevent the worst of potential climate breakdown. 

About the speakers

Thea Ormerod


Thea is a Catholic Christian, a semi-retired social worker, grandmother and an advocate for action to curb global warming. She has long been involved in a range of social justice issues, mainly concer...